Elite Screens Manual Series M113NWS1 Diagonal 113 ", 1:1, Viewable screen width (W) 203 cm, White


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EAN 6944904408330
Producer Elite Screens
Country CN

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Producer product name M113NWS1
Gross weight 9.4
Producer product family Manual Series
Technical details
Aspect ratio 1:1
Drive type Manual
Viewable screen width (W) 203
Gain 1.1
Black drop 11.4
Diagonal 113
Viewing angle 180
Diagonal 287
Frame type Folding frame
Viewable screen height (H) 203
Type Manual Screens
Material SCREENMaxWhite 1.1 Gain Screen Material is durable and easy to clean160 degree wide viewing angle for commercial and residential presentationsBlack backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproductionBlack masking enhances picture contrast
Other features The Manual SRM series front projection screen has a special built-in Slow Retract Mechanism to allow a safe and quiet return to the screen’s housing.Elite Screens’ MaxWhite Screen Material is durable for daily use and easy to clean. It has a wide viewing angle with 1.1 Gain and is suitable for most applications including Commercial /Educational and Residential. MaxWhite Screen material has a black backing to eliminate light penetration for superior color reproduction. Its Texture pattern eliminates Moiré or Hot Spotting which is a common phenomenon with poorly made projection screen material or wall projections.
Warranty 24
Net weight 8.116
Display diagonal 113″ Diagonal Viewing Size (80.0″W x 80.0″H)
Weight & dimensions
Weight 8.8
Width 2.19
Height 2.3
Depth 7.95
Case colour White
Colour of product White case
Control type Slow Retract Mechanism (SRM) allows for a safe and quiet return the the screen’s housingAuto-locking system at 2″ intervals provides variable height settingsScreen lanyard for easy operation included — allows screen’s pull down handle to be reached from high areas
Package features
Packing quantity 1.00
Volume (m3) 0.0386165
Tare weight (kg) 1.284
Gross depth (mm) 2285
Gross width (mm) 130
Gross height (mm) 130
Plastic (No PET) 54.00
Paper/Pasteboard 1230.00
Embeeded battery No
WEEE tax No